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“I really want to 'give thanks' for your wonderful skill and care. It has made such a difference. I feel lucky.”

“Thank you for being such a kind and adaptable person. You always managed to give your massages to my husband under often disorganized situations at the nursing home.”

“You have magic hands!”

“You have kept our family healthy and relaxed – more you can’t ask.”

“I had been suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck which later developed into frequent muscular spasms. You helped reduce pain with your skillful fingers and understanding of anatomy. At the end of each session a more comfortable and less tense feeling pervades. I am grateful for your thoughtful, sensitive, and expert help.”

“During the many years I have been a client you have materially contributed to my good health and overall well-being.”

“Although I began my visits for the single purpose of relaxation, you soon helped educate me as to the therapeutic benefits of your work. Specifically, on several occasions you have helped heal a lower back problem…As you are well aware, I have suggested to several of my friends and colleagues that they should see you. Those that have followed my suggestion have also come away ‘converts’.”

“Your massage expertise has been most helpful. I appreciate how competent and discreet you are with your women patients.”

“If anyone wants to know what your work is like, they should just touch your hands. If they’re not moved, then they’re probably almost dead anyway!”

“In my work as a teacher and a professional violinist/violist, stress is inevitable and I look forward to the release of muscle knots and overall tension.”

“Thanks to your weekly massages over the years, I can play tennis every day.”

“As a marathon runner, I know that you help loosen my tight muscles, moving oxygen into areas that don’t get it when the muscles are too tight. You help me maintain flexibility.”