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I develop a treatment plan based on listening carefully to a client, as well as clinically determining and then focusing on their problem areas. During each session, I work together with the client tailoring the massage to meet their needs.

I have advanced training in the following areas and combine them clinically:

  • Deep Tissue Massage, the skillful manipulation and freeing of myofascial tissues muscle, fascia, tendon, and other connective tissues. DTM effectively frees these tissues from chronic structural strain and pain, reestablishing the healthy functioning of these tissues. The techniques help to restore full range of motion and elasticity to chronically shortened muscles, reduce tissue congestion and adhesions, and enhance muscular balance and overall structural alignment.
  • Medical Massage, usually through physician or chiropractor referral, for example after an accident, injury, surgery, or for a chronic illness or condition. MM provides relief from pain and promotes healing.
  • Trigger Point Therapy, sustained, direct pressure to biomechanical stress points. These are localized, hypersensitive points in muscle bands that refer pain to other areas. TPT alleviates myofascial pain. This is one of the techniques that Dr. Travell used on JFKs back.
  • Sports Massage, which includes techniques of compression, TPT, cross fiber friction, and Swedish Massage, improves circulation and mobility to injured tissue, enables the athlete or dancer to recover more quickly from myofascial injury, reduces muscle soreness and chronic strain patterns, provides a psychological boost to the athlete, and enhances a preventative approach to athletic training.
  • Swedish Massage, the prevalent western technique using scented or unscented oil with kneading, effleurage, friction, and tapotement.

Additional CEU Credits inform my practice in the following areas: Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Cryotherapy (ice), Qi Gong, Holistic Pathology, Soft Tissue Assessment and Evaluation of Cervical Spine, British Sports Therapy, Hip Flexor Strength, Reversing the Pain-Stress-Fatigue Spiral in Older Adults among others.

Gift certificates are available for all occasions and do not expire.
Ample, free parking is always available at my office.
Appointments are available to meet your schedule needs.

30 Minutes -- $50
45 Minutes -- $65
60 Minutes -- $85
90 Minutes -- $115

I accept cash or check in payment due at the time of service.